What We Do

IMPACT X CAPITAL is a platform to refer your project to potential investors and business clients. 

For entrepreneurs, business owners, companies who seek to get referred to investors, please submit the online form to provide your business information according to the instructions.

Our team has access to various investors to refer to, depending on the profile of the business.  However, we need to understand your business first to judge if this is a referable project. 


Business Referrals

Capital Raising

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Standard Term

Upfront fee of US$2000 (JPY 220,000) to review your business documents submitted.  This fee covers our team’s time and labor cost to review your materials, which we expect to spend at least 2-3 days of our time to review, screen and introduce to potential investors through meetings and communication. If we are successful to introduce you to an investor, we will charge a standard success-based fee based on contractual arrangement. 

Once we define that this is a project that we can refer, we will also ask you to register and sign our standard forms, contracts upon registry.  If it is not ready for referral, we will provide feedback and state our comments.

If your business materials are not sufficient for referrals, we will request for additional information and referral will be subject to successful submission of such information within 2 weeks of request.

If your information is not provided within 2 weeks of request, we will withdraw from our commitment to search for referrals.  If your company wishes for us to continue, we will charge additional consultation fee per month from that point on.  Fee will depends on size: For startups:  US$2000~4000/month, for larger companies: US$5000/month or more.

As we get many projects, we must prioritize the proposals from companies that are committed, and willing to compensate the team for the work.  Thus, for a higher upfront fee US$3000 or more, the proposal will be in the Fast Track for review.


Business Hour:
MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00